Squirtie is the fun and the adventure of the story, who once was a neglected outcast grew up on the streets and forests of Mildenburg, a small town in the middle of scenic noware, he finds friends there and they all get together and have crazy fun adventures! iF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SQURTIE WATCH ADVENTURE FRIENDS COMING SOON TO ANIMATION CENTRAL!


Sniack is a fun lovable kitty who is always wanting to impress others. He hates it when he sees other animals around showing off but he just likes to prove to his friends that he's useful. He is Squrtie's best friend until the world
ends! He grew up in a farmhouse in Milburg but left to go on his own adventures.


Miststar is the loyal leader of RainClan. She joined Sniack and Squirtie on their adventures when her deputy, (fallenheart) betrayed her. She grew up in a tranquil cave in the amazon jungle. She fell in a river and found herself in Mildenburg, where she found Sniack and Squirtie.


Isis is a bobcat who lived in egypt. She was named after the Egyptian goddess Isis, goddess of magic. She wears around her neck a colorful necklass and the Egyptian sign of life, the Ankh. She meet Squirtie by one day getting on a boat not knowing it would take her away. She was shipped to Mildenburg where she met Squirtie and his friends.


Stopper is a tough town rouge cat on the streets of mildenburg. When he runs into Squrtie and his friends one day he discovers his true passion of friendship and joins Squrtie and friends on the epic adventures!




Luna is a barn owl. She lived in a dead tree in the forest Squirtie grew up in. One day she bumped into him and became great friends. She met the adventure friends when Squirtie met Sniack. Then the group came to be.