Chapter 1 What is My Name?Edit

It was a sunny Tuesday in May when a small kitten came stumbling down the velvet carpet across the stairwell. He shifted his way on a sharp turn down the stairs only to stumble and trip, making a sumtersault down the staircase. He droped on the floor with a plop and tumbled to the front door.

This was his first time out of the upstairs bedoom. Unlike his brothers and sisters, he was the smallest and slowest of his litter and could not leave the bedroom until after a month when his brothers and sisters did. He is a silver-gray, green-eyed, housecat, and has very little of a brain. He tends to always seem adventurous and brave like his father, once a tomcat, with silky white fur and yellow eyes. His mother is a beautiful amber furred, blue-eyed she cat with a big puffy ginger tail. He was born into a litter of eight including him which makes nine. He has four brothers and sisters and two half sisters and one half brother that all live together in the same house. His two half sisters Gemini, with flourecent white fur and yellow eyes like their father, and Coal, a small grey tabby, are 24 months older than him and don't exactly treat him like a cat at all instead they treat him more like prey. You see their father , trojan, used to be a wild cat that lived free and hunted every day for himself, until he met a small, scrawny, tabby wondering in the woods he then feed her and took care of her like there wasnothing more important in the world. Then she finally became pregnat with a litter of four. When her litter came though it was rough and painful and without any professional help she ended up dying at birth along with her fourth kit. So trojan took the remaining three kits to find a new home, and soon he found the love of his life in the quiet home of the larsons. And here they have remained. His half brother Salve treated him like a son. He and salve were close in the 3 months this little kit was born into the world, and they couldn't get any closer.

The little kitten had no name yet but was eagerly awaiting to recieve one as soon as he stumbled through the kitchen door to be united once again with his littermates.