go to the sample page and copy the code


You have visited the animation central wiki, and now you want your very own art page to post your drawings and animations! Before you get started, read these rules

  1. User Art Pages must have appropriate art for the wiki, no nudity, or any other bad things
  2. You can request a art page by asking one of the Administrators.
  3. TO ADMINISTRATORS,Every time someone asks for their own Art Page, please use the template page, "Art page guidelines" with {{ at each end on a the reply to the message they have sent.
  4. Please use this template when you have created a User Art Page for someone, so they can know what to do when it comes to adding art.
  5. Please post this template in the reply to the request they have made.

Your art page has been created! Please take time to read the Rules for User Art Pages. They will explain everything you need to know about creating User Art Pages. Once you have seen your page please add the category, User Art Pages. If you don't know how ask a administrator to help you. Have fun!