On this wiki like any other there are rules

1. NO inapropriate language, comments, talk, blogs, or messages

2. You must contribute to the wikia or you shall be banned ( No "hanging out" on the wiki or just chating)

3. You must be at least 13 years of age to join a wiki

4. You must be an admin or have permission from one to edit wiki pages

5. Pictures, videos, music and all other posted items must not be copyrighted or by another user unless you have permission from the owner

6. Keep your information proected and do not use your real name or any other personal content ( age posted will occasionaly be allowed)

7. This is a trustworthy site so do not take advantige of that please

Please follow the wiki rules and i ensure your visits here will be protected and safe!

If you are unable to follow these rules your punishment will result in warning or ban