What are Pleas?Edit

Pleas are a type of application you fill out with a valid reason why we should postpone a ban on it. If you have violated a rule then you may fill out a plea application to tell us a valid reason of why you broke that rule. You are not requiered to fill out a plea but it is useful to you do if you are receving a ban and you have a valid reason for why you broke that rule. When you recieve a regular ban you will be sent a message saying "would you like to fill a plea application?" this is a message that comes before your ban in other words we will give you 5 hours to respond to this message. If you respond yes then you must not edit anything or message anyone, but only fill out your plea. Once you are done send it to an admin (admins only, do not send it to any other wiki staff) and the admins shall decide if your ban or restrictions are lifted. if they are not the ban or restrictions shall proceeed. If they are you will be free of your ban or resrictions but shall be put under warnning.

Plea ApplicationsEdit

If you wish to fill out a plea you must first copy the plea application and fill it out.

Animation Central Plea ApplicationEdit