What is a Junk Site?Edit

A junk site is a site with a user that fills up pages with random junk such as SPAM, bullying, unread files, etc. The thing about a junk site is that it belongs to another person but the person building up junk on that site is making the site look bad or giving it a bad reputation. Soon enough the junk piles up to 'high" to where the founder or staff is no longer able to fix it and begin to loose control in the site.

Fix Junk UsersEdit

You can fix junk users by letting any staff of the wiki know. We will give them a warrning as requiered but usually junk users are doing it on purpose not by accident. After that we will give them an instant ban if they continue. No plea is needed because if they have had a warrning and intended to stop they probaly would of. We don't want the junk to pile up so we just give them an instant ban