Female face - part 1

The first thing you should do, is draw a simple circle, then draw the lines as they follow.

Female face - part 2

Next go ahead and draw the eyes, to make them the same size, draw smaller boxes to pin point the exact location of the eyes and their shape. draw the eyebrows also, make sure to make them thick, and not really thin. Connect the head the best you can, try not to make the chin too narrow.

Female face - part 3

Next, draw the nose, try not to make it too revealing, just copy the nose i have drawn, and next, start on the lips. make sure to make them a little thicker knowing these are a woman's lips. draw them in between the two lines under the nose.

Female face - part 4

Now, erase all the guidlines, and start on the hair, get creative wiht it! make sure to make the hairline not too far up the head, so that it is covering most of her forehead, you can draw individual lines to make it more realistic.

Click on the images to get a larger view of them