Standared wiki rules punishmentEdit

1. All users under the age of 13 will be blocked and banned from the wiki until the month of their 13 birthday arrives (if user commits other crimes while his/her's block will be extended to a year)

2. If any user violates inapropriate things on the wiki (such as cursing) they will be given a warning and if they attemt this again they will be blocked for the rest of the day (12:00 midnight, standerd eastern time) If they attempt this again they shall be blocked for 24 hours, if again one week, if again one month, if again one year, if any attempts after that they shall be permanently banned

3. if you fail to contribute to the wiki for at least a month then you shall recieve a 24 hour ban and after that you will have a week to show us that you can contribute at least for 4 days ( 1 hour each day) and then you may continue on the wiki but if you fail to contrubute then you shall be permanently blocked from the wiki (unless you send a plea to an admin before your ban takes place)

4. If you are not an admin or have not been given permission to edit a page then the punishment will be discussed with the admins (punishment will relate to how much was edited)

5. If you post an item that is copyrighted or by another user without permission from the owner then your punishment will first result in a warrning and a reqest to remove it or it will be removed by a rollbacker, the 2d time posted will be a 24 hour ban , the 3rd time will be a week ban, the 4th time shall be a month ban , and the 5th time will be a year ban (any other attemts made will block you from certain rights on the wiki or will result in permanent ban)

6. If any personal information is given you will have three warnings then it shall result in a ban for as long as the admin/buracrat says it to be

7. If you abuse the power of being trustworthy on the wiki and abuse this wiki and its rules then you shall be removed from the site

Chatroom Policy punishmentEdit

1. If inapropriate language is used you will have 3 warrnings and after that you will be banned from the chatroom for 24 hours, if used after that your ban in the chatroom will be extended to 48 hours, after that your ban will be 2 weeks, after that a month, after that a year, after banned from the chatroom for more than a year you will be banned from the chatroom permanently

2. If you use the chatroom for advertisment on other sites you will be given a warrning if it continues you will be banned for 48 hours, after that you will be banned for a month, then a year, if the warnnings and you fail to follow this rule you will be permanently banned from the chatroom

3. If spam is used when an admin has not enabled it then you will have 5 warnnings after that you will be banned for however long that admin/ buracrat aproves it to be. If you fail to follow this rule again you will be banned for a day, if you if you fail to follow the rule then you will either be sentenced to a year ban or permanent ban from the chatroom

4. if chatspeak is continuously misunderstood then the chatspeak will be disabled and if disabled and chatspeak is used then you will recieve multiple warrnings but if you fail to overlook these warrnings you will be banned from the chatroom for a designated amount of time

5. If user bullying is used in the chatroom then you will be banned for a day from the chatroom, after that a week, after that a month, and your final ban will be set at a year, if you continue this over a year ban you will be banned permanently from the chatroom

6. If you use unaproved topics then you will either recieve a ban from the chatroom or a warrning depending on the said topic used (in other words no inaprpriate topics such as things about sexsual topics, potentially threatning topics, or anything unsupportive to the wiki) ( If you would like to say somthing bad about the site that needs to be fixed or improved then please paste it on an admins wall)

7. If you simply "hang out" in the chatroom all the time and are never involved in the conversation for at least an hour then you must leave the chatroom or shall be banned for a period of time (only staff of the wiki such as admins, b'crats, or chat moderators may stay in the chatroom to moniter any problems)

Admin RulesEdit

These rules apply to all authority staff of this wiki

1. Admins must definetly be trusworthy to the site or they shall be removed from there positions

2. admins must follow all wiki rules or shall be set with that punishment ( only some rules do not apply)

3. If any admin is ruled off from there position by all wiki staff then they must wait at least 10 months before they can reapply to become an admin again

4. Admins must give the correct punishment (with warrning) with each rule broken

5. If an admin breaks a rule they shall be punished like everyone else (unless that rue dose not apply)

6. At least one admin must be on the wiki every day (for monitering)

7. Admins are expected to contribute more than usual users