Chat v3

Chat is a new feature that is currently available for all wikis to use via Wikia Labs. You can access it on wiki that has it enabled (including Community Central) by clicking the "Join the Chat" link in the right sidebar of any article page.

We Hear Your Feedback!

Here are some of issues and requests that we have heard. Some are fixed or added already. You can leave additional feedback in Wikia Labs. We won't get around to including every request, but we'll try our best to choose the most important features.

Coming soon!

  • More speed and stability fixes. Chat will be more reliable.
  • A revamped kick and ban system.
  • Some design refreshes.

Recent Released Fixes

  • Sometimes identities get mixed up, and a user can send messages as another user.
  • Distinguish messages I've sent via highlighting
  • Banned users are blocked from chat
  • Non-admins can be appointed to be a chat moderator
  • Remove the second avatar if you type two comments in a row.
  • Bug fix: A user appears in the userlist multiple times.
  • Bug fix: Some messages are sent (or are posted) twice.
  • Anons should be able to see the chat access point.
  • Signify moderators in a better way
  • Ability to make a moderator within the chat window
  • Timestamps
  • Right-rail entry point hover on avatars (for now, it is on click)
  • General speed and disconnect/connect issues.
  • Private Chat
  • In-chat notifications
  • Emoticons :)

Feature Requests

Please note that this is a list of requested features, not a list of features we guarantee will make it into the final product.
  • Ambox notice Answer:Turn "Away" messages via a button, or stay "away" until you send a message rather than moving your mouse.
  • Ability to have Bots operate
  • "Quiet" or "Ignore" a certain user
  • Ambox notice Answer:Admins can clear the chat window
  • /me messages
  • Ambox notice Answer:Ping a certain person in chat (highlight my username if someone says it)
  • Ambox notice Answer:Notifications (sound, flashing, popup)
  • Make my text sparkle! (bold, italics, colors, sizes, or HTML)
  • Ability to connect with a chat client
  • Pushing "up" should replay your last message
  • Ambox notice Answer:Blacklisted words (swear filter)
  • Ambox notice Answer:Set a chat topic
  • Ambox notice Answer:Show number of users in chat
  • Better help resources on help.wikia or via tooltips within chat
  • Pushing "Tab" autocompletes a username
  • Ambox notice Answer:Archive chats
  • Ability to have multiple cross-wiki chats in one window
  • Hide my chat messages from select people
  • Ambox notice Answer:Allow customization via CSS or JS
  • Ambox notice Answer:Join/Part messages take up too much space
  • It doesn't work in Monobook.
    • Monobook is a skin option for users who want to minimize the user experience changes they experience from Wikia. Out of respect for that, we are not adding chat to that skin. You can manually access Wikia Chat from Monobook by visiting Special:Chat?useskin=wikia

Leave Feedback

  • More feedback? Please leave it in Wikia Labs. Thanks!

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